Photo of Choc Mint Ganache Tart

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Blog Entries

Choc Mint Ganache Tart

By Tenina Holder

This was truly awesome…thank you dearest Tweak Editing….Chris, our editor for For Foods Sake sent me this recipe and asked for a Thermo version…well here it is…absolutely amazing, and totally easy. Be amazed. Be prepared to make it again. Go to the gym so you can eat another piece with less guilt. Or not. But a second piece you will definitely have…trust me! I have seen another version of this over at the Recipe Community from Splendiferous Kitchen, using my fave choccie product of all time (do I need to mention it by name?) Crio Bru. This is the every day, garden variety, without the Crio…she beat me to it! I swear!! (We’ll talk later Karyn!)

Choc Mint Ganache Tart


  • Crust
  •   60 g sugar
  •   250 g flour
  •   130 g butter, cubed
  •   2 tbsp premium cocoa powder
  •   1 egg yolk
  •   A little iced water
  • Filling
  •   300 g white chocolate callets
  •   150 g cream
  •   1 tsp Heilala vanilla bean paste
  •   2 tsp pure peppermint oil
  • Ganache
  •   200 g Lindt Dark Mint Intense chocolate, in pieces
  •   200 g cream


  1. To make crust, place sugar into TM bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 10. Add flour and butter and blend 6 sec/speed 6.

  2. Add remaining crust ingredients and blend 5 sec/speed 5 or until a ball is formed.

  3. Press into 26cm pie or flan tin with removable base and place into freezer for around 30 minutes.

  4. Preheat oven to 180ºC and line the crust with baking paper. Using pie weights, rice or beans, blind bake 15 minutes. Remove weights and cook further 10 minutes until fragrant and crust is well cooked.

  5. Cool.

  6. TO make white filling place all ingredients into TM bowl and melt 5 min/50ºC/speed 1. Scrape down if necessary and stir until all callets are melted.

  7. Pour into cold baked pie shell. Place into fridge until well set.

  8. Place Ganache ingredients into clean, dry TM bowl and melt 5 min/50ºC/speed 2. Pour over filling and set completely before cutting into wedges to serve.