Liquorice? ~ Licorice With Spelt Flour
By Tenina Holder

OK, feeling pretty happy with my little self just at the minute…wow, who knew? Liquorice is so easy! (with Thermomix that is!!)

I have been wanting to play around with this for a while, but never seem to have a moment when I am not cooking for someone else, testing something for work, or just too busy! In the name of research (of course!) I have been purchasing gourmet licorice and studying the ingredients and ratios for some time. Finally a quiet night and time to play a little!

I’m not going to tell you I made this up, I researched the methods quite thoroughly, but liquorice is definitely easier to make with the aid of Thermomix…don’t try this at home without one!

Clearly this mixture will be quite sticky, but it cools it becomes easy to remove from surfaces. Don't be tempted to add more flour...and hey, the next trial will involve GF flours, or perhaps we could start looking at allsorts, I have several requests for fondant made in the Thermomix, which could be a great filling between sheets of licorice...or maybe I should try this liquorice in my own ice cream, what about flavored licorice?….the possibilites are endless, just endless! What does it for you…are you an allsorts, a mango/green apple/raspberry or a straight licorice strap lover?

Oh…and how do you spell liquorice….licorice? or liquorice? Either way…authentic, with no nasties…enjoy!

Liquorice? ~ Licorice With Spelt Flour


  •   Liquorice root tea
  •   330 g organic molasses
  •   1/2 tsp aniseed essence
  •   300 - 320 g spelt flour approx, more if needed
  •   Black food colouring (optional)
  •   GF cornflour (cornstarch) as needed


  1. Place around 4-5tbsp liquorice root tea into Thermo bowl and mill 30 sec/speed 10. (You will not use this whole amount, but it is nearly impossible to mill a smaller amount successfully.) Set aside.

  2. Without cleaning bowl, place molasses into Thermo bowl and cook 30 min/Varoma/speed 2/MC off.

  3. Using a small sieve, put 1tsp of milled liquorice root and the aniseed essence into Thermo bowl and incorporate 4-5 sec/speed 5. Allow to cool slightly.

  4. Add flour and colouring if using and mix 1 min/speed 8. Scrape down sides of bowl and repeat. The mix will be extremely sticky. That is OK.

  5. Scrape mixture out onto Silpat mat and cool enough to handle. Cut pieces using a pastry scraper and get rolling...time to revisit your childhood, make snakes until all mixture is used. Leave each piece on the Silpat mat, they will harden as the molasses cools.

  6. Dust in cornflour if desired, as I found the mixture relaxes and becomes quite sticky again.