Photo of Chorizo, Potato And Cabbage Soup

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Chorizo, Potato And Cabbage Soup

By Tenina Holder

We finally had a cool day! And some rain…lots of it actually…so of course my culinary thoughts turned to soup! I had chorizo in my fridge (a stock standard staple at mine…love redundant alliteration as well) and so this was a natural progression. The marriage with steamed cabbage was also fuelled by what was already in my fridge, and so YUMMOLA, we had dinner. In minutes. Can’t be unhappy with that….no matter how rainy it is outside!

Chorizo, Potato And Cabbage Soup


  •   2 spanish chorizo sausages (as opposed to Mexican!!)
  •   1 red onion, peeled and halved
  •   2 cloves of garlic
  •   1 red paprika, deseeded (or red capsicum)
  •   700 g water
  •   2 tbsp chicken stock powder (For Foods Sake recipe)
  •   1 tbsp Umami paste
  •   1 tbsp ground paprika
  •   500 g potatoes, peeled and cubed into bite sized pieces
  •   1 small cabbage, cut into thin wedges (enough for your family, don’t go overboard!)
  •   400 g tin of chick peas, or soaked and cooked equivalent


  1. Place chorizo, onion, garlic and paprika into Thermo bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 6. Saute 5 min/Varoma/speed 1.

  2. Add all remaining ingredients other than cabbage and chick peas.

  3. Place cabbage into Varoma dish and set into position. Cook 15 min/Varoma/Reverse/speed 1. Set Varoma aside.

  4. Add chick peas to Thermo bowl and cook 2 min/100ºC/Reverse/speed 1.

  5. Place wedges of cabbage into large soup bowls and ladle soup over. Sprinkle with chopped coriander, parsley or both.


Serve. Don’t burn yourself…in your haste to get it down you….really…yummmmm!