Tutorial: Stuffed And Steamed!
By Tenina Holder

This recipe is already on here, but I have been getting a lot of hits for it, so I thought I would take a few photos, and give you a bit of a tutorial on the whole process. Couldn't be easier...when you know how!

SO: Here goes

Tutorial: Stuffed And Steamed!


  •   1/2 chicken breast, per person
  • Stuffing of choice
  •   Homemade pesto
  •   Prawns


  1. Butterfly each chicken breast.

  2. Stuff with flavors of choice. (I used pesto and prawns)

  3. Roll over on itself. Carefully lift each breast into hot pan.

  4. Pan fry chicken breasts on Induction high for 5 minutes each side until golden.

  5. Place in Steam Oven tray and process for 15 minutes.

  6. Slice and serve immediately with sauce.


I will need to adjust the sauce recipe from the other entry that is on here. On this occasion I used 250 grams sliced button mushrooms, though brown is nicer. Using the pan that I browned the chicken in I deglazed the pan with a dash of champagne (flat and left over from someone's lunch!!) Add the mushrooms and fry off. Add more champagne and simmer whilst waiting for the chicken to cook. When chicken is done, add a dash of fresh cream to the sauce, reduce, add salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately! And like I said, please remember who you are at all times, as you LICK the plate clean!