I Finally am a 'Great Cook'

By Tenina on Jun 19, 2008

Well I always thought so, but now I know so…yes I have joined another cooking community and they are cooking with gas (and induction, and steam oven, and Thermomix, and Cross Fire and so on and so on!!!) They’re a friendly bunch with heaps of great food and recipe websites, so check it all out here; SimpleDailyRecipes.com

I look forward to a long association with Great Cooks Blogroll and many more happy readers coming my way!
On a completely unrelated, (but of course food) topic…I had a class tonight and promised all attendees some great recipes in the next few posts…so as a teaser and for the sake of a more interesting post, (not that Great Cooks Blog Roll is UN-interesting!!) I have put up some photos of tonights festivities…recipes to follow in the next few days. Tonight was all Cross Fire BBQ related, so stunning pizza, naan bread, a roast beef on the spit, Roast Veggie Salad, a Raspberry Marshmallow Surprise, Crispy Bananas and Rum Caramel Sauce…oh the drool list goes on and on… and bear in mind we had a heap of people there, so my food styling was out the window…it was point and shoot all the way, so not awesome photos…but, keep coming back for all the recipes, and in the meantime, stop salivating all over your computer! See you soon!