The New Newsy Newsletter

By Tenina on Apr 25, 2013


Hey there peeps…

You may or may not have joined me on Facebook, and just quietly, although there are over 17,000 ‘likes’ on my page, it is meaningless to me unless I am getting you across to here, where the action is. Recipes, classes, new products, books, ideas, laughs…all for the asking, right here on my blog. So, in an effort to no longer rely on Facebook, which changes its rules of engagement continually, we are trying to get you as blog subscribers and followers of mine on other media, to get all jiggy with our new newsy newsletter subscription. Simply register on this site (top right hand corner of your screen) and you will automatically be updated when there is a new recipe, class or anything else exciting and thermomixy to tell you!

In fact we are so excited about it, that I am offering a copy of my as yet unpublished new book to a randomly drawn winner from amongst all subscribers up until Sunday night April 28th 2013. The prize of course will not be awarded until stock of the book arrives, so a bit of a wait…but you have waited patiently so far, so hang in there!

In return for your subscription I take the following pledge;

You will not get any unsolicited newsletters from me that…

A) Claim that I am the child of a deceased African Leader who has millions locked away in some remote secret bank account and that you alone can be the beneficiary of this fortune if you will help me by providing your bank details urgently within the next 24 hours. (I will always use correct grammer and spelling if I come into any money that I need help with getting at!)

B) You that you are the winner of a Worldwide International Lottery unless you really are, and unless you are prepared to share it with me.

C) Try and sell you (and here I apologise to those of you who wish I would) any kind of enlargement of any glands, body parts or brain cells that you may so desire.

D) Offer you employment in the form of sitting at home on the computer whilst you earn at least $500 per hour like thousands of other mums around the world apparently do!