Tenina.com's Berry Good Jam



  1. Place all ingredients into TM bowl and cook 40-50 min/105°C/Reverse/speed 1/MC off. Use the simmering basket to cover the whole in the lid to prevent spatter. If the temperature is not registering at 105°C or above, keep cooking until it does. This is essential as 105°C is the setting point for berry jam.

  2. Test for doneness by putting a teaspoon of jam onto a cold ceramic plate, if it wrinkles when you push it, you are done. If not, add cooking time in 10 minute increments until the jam is ‘set’. This can vary depending on fruit, acidity of lemon and amount of sugar used, so it is a trial and error process. The end result is pretty delicious though. (Patience can be a virtue.)


If you have a TM31 you cannot set the temp to 105°C. But you can go to Varoma and cook it for 30 minutes, then do the wrinkle test. Proceed with more cooking time if you need.

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