Beurre Noisette or Brown Butter

200g Cook Time 10 minutes   Rated:


A frequently featured ingredient in my recipes, so much so I decided it needed its own recipe! This is such a great way to add flavour to any dish, sweet or savoury without adding any more ingredients. We already love butter, but we REALLY love browned butter or beurre noisette, butter that is nut brown.

See all those little caramelised solids in the bottom of the pan? Those are the yummy bits, make sure you scrape them all into your dish. You can use this in so many ways. Have you tried any of the ways we have listed here on our site? We hope so:

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Cube the butter and place into a light coloured frying pan over a medium high heat. Watch as it melts and then foams. Stir a few times until you can see the milk solids caramelising. There is a fine point here where you want to brown the butter sufficiently to have the flavour without any burnt bits. It is a fine line. This is the reason you should use a light coloured pan as it enables you to see the colouring of the butter more easily.


When it has reached nut brown colour, remove from the heat and scrape all of the butter and the caramelised solids into a container either to keep or use immediately.

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