Tenina.com's Black Sticky Rice Ice Cream Sundaes



  1. Soak rice overnight in enough water to cover. When you are ready to begin, drain the rice.

  2. Place drained rice, sugar, coconut cream, water and pandan leaf into Thermomix bowl. Cook 60 min/90°C/speed 1. Cool slightly, remove pandan leaf.

  3. Strain rice out of liquid and place liquid into Thermomix bowl. Add eggs and cook 6 min/80°C/speed 4.

  4. Cool completely before freezing in a flat tray. Add a few of the reserved rice grains back into the mixture if texture is desired. If you are churning, there is no need to freeze the mix.

  5. Churn ice cream according to manufacturers instructions. Keep frozen until you are ready to serve the sundaes.

  6. Thermomix Method;

  7. Break up frozen mixture into large chunks and place about half into Thermomix bowl. Chop 10 sec/speed 10 before adding the remaining frozen mix.

  8. Blend 1 min/speed 10 with the aid of the spatula as needed.

  9. Serve ice cream with all the accompaniments on demand.

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