Tenina.com's Boost Your Immunity Juice



  1. Juice the turmeric and ginger in a traditional juicer and reserve. If you don't have a juicer, grate them in your Thermomix, then squeeze the juice out manually. This will be very messy and yellow! Discard the solids.

  2. Place the greens and herbs into the Thermomix bowl and blend 5 sec/speed 10. Scrape down sides of bowl.

  3. Add remaining ingredients except turmeric, ginger juice, water and passionfruit pulp. Add water through hole in the lid as you blend 2-3 min/speed 10. Don't think it is blended at 1 minute. It will separate if you don't go long and hard!

  4. Serve with the turmeric ginger juice on the side, and garnish with passionfruit pulp and a mint leaf or two!

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