Tenina.com's Brew Choc Milk Shake



  1. Place all ingredients into TM bowl and brew 10 min/90ºC/speed 2. Cool in TM bowl and then strain to remove solids. (Reserve solids for another use, put onto your garden; veggies love it, or use as a body scrub, use in brownies, as an ice cream addition, or freeze into ice cube trays for later use in smoothies, ragus, chillies etc).

  2. Cool concentrate completely before using to make a shake.

  3. To make an actual shake, drizzle a little vanilla syrup around a glass and place a scoop of ice cream into the glass as well.

  4. Place milk, and Brew Choc concentrate into milkshake maker and/or Thermo and froth until well blended. Pour over ice cream and vanilla syrup.

  5. Top with a little drizzle of the Brew Choc Concentrate just to tone down the sweetness. Top with some whipped cream if desired.

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