Brussels Sprouts Salad with Pistachios

Serves 6 Prep Time 10 minutes   Cook Time 15 minutes   Rated:

Well this was a flavour revelation that no one expected. YUM. We absolutely loved this dish and it will certainly be appearing again in the near future.

I grew up on boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts and probably like most kids, didn't love them. I tolerated them because they were cute, mini cabbages. Anyhoo, as I grew older and wiser, I realised I quite liked them if they were not treated as boiled cabbage and so I have always been a fan of roasting Brussels sprouts. And who in their right mind doesn't love Beurre Noisette? Thus this dish.

We were all so delighted by the taste that I quickly took a phone pic, before they were demolished (sort of late in the day really!) and then completely forgot what I had put in them. It was only after careful examination of the photo that I remembered the lime bit. Phew. Regular rotation. Too quick to worry about using the Thermomix, though you could if you really wanted to cook the syrup that way.

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Preheat oven to 200°C and line a large baking sheet with paper.


Prepare the Brussels sprouts and toss them with plenty of EVOO and seasoning. Place onto the lined tray and roast for 15 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave the sprouts in there while you prepare the rest. They will continue to cook which is what we need.


Brown the butter in a large frying pan on a high heat until it foams. Add the pistachios and toast them until fragrant. Turn off the heat and lift the pistachios out of the butter onto a piece of paper towel. Cool and roughly chop. Set aside. Zest the limes directly on top of the pistachios.


Warm the remaining butter up again and add the honey, date syrup and a pinch of salt and some more pepper. Bring to the boil to reduce so it becomes slightly sticky. Add the lime juice and stir vigorously. Add the Brussels sprouts into the pan and toss to coat evenly with the syrup. Add the pistachios and lime zest and chilli flakes. Stir through. This can be served hot or after it has cooled down a little.

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