Tenina.com's Cheese, Pesto and Salami Sandwiches



  1. Prepare all ingredients. Ensuring the cream cheese is at room temperature and spreadable.

  2. For each set of sandwiches, spread a thin layer of pesto on 2 pieces of bread. Place 1 slice of cheese on top of pesto and sandwich with the other piece of bread, pesto facing down.

  3. Spread cream cheese on top that slice, then place a piece of salami onto the cream cheese, followed by a third piece of bread also with cream cheese on it, cream cheese facing down.

  4. In short, the layers are; bread, pesto, cheese, pesto, bread, cream cheese, salami, cream cheese, bread.

  5. Using a large sharp knife, (not serrated.. I found that messed up the look) cut off crusts and then cut each sandwich into quarters to create bit sized sandwiches.

  6. To get a nice clean cut, wipe knife clean with paper towel between cuts.

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