Dark Chocolate Torte With Berry Glaze

by Tenina Holder

Just as I get nominated (and voted for many times...thank you!) I run into so much work that I have no time to create, let alone blog about creating! So in a feeble attempt to keep the banner high, this is a blog about more than just a recipe...its my current claim to fame. This morning I had the opportunity of getting up VERY early and making the trek to the Royal Showgrounds as one of the selected few on radio 6PR's competition to be a cheese and ice cream judge at the Perth Royal Show. Imagine starting your day chomping down on 10 cheeses of excellence and 4 ice creams! All winners in their own right and all delicious to me...John Watson, the chief Dairy judge each year was there to take us through our paces...and make no mistake, it was harder than just wolfing down lactose laden delights! We had to consider Body, Texture, Aroma, Content, obviously Taste was in the mix. I have to say that the cheese I selected as my winning choice (a Raclette) was outstanding amongst the outstanding-ness! Now I just have to wait and see if I picked the same winner as the judges...and as for ice cream, NOTHING beats my Panforte ice cream of recent testing (if I say so myself)...watch for that in the 2010 Calendar. 

And speaking of 2010, they invited me back...so watch out...I'm destined to become the Dairy Queen...hmmn that has a certain ring to it! 

Now to the recipe of today...Gluten Free, and guilt free if you consider the amount of antioxidants in dark chocolate and then look at the numbers below...who said chocolate cake (and berries) isn't healthy? Protein rich...(I know I'm clutching at straws here...), you gotta love it! Its like a big slice of chocolate truffle. Whats not to love? Dark Chocolate Torte with Berry Glaze.

If you can manage to just have one piece, please tell me your secret!

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Butter sides and line the base of a small springform pan that will fit inside your Varoma. About 19cm is max size.


Place chocolate and butter into TM bowl and mill 8 sec/speed 6.


Melt 5 min/50°C/speed 1.


Add cocoa and espresso and beat 4 sec/speed 6.


Add eggs and sugar and beat 20 sec/speed 5-6.


Spread into prepared tin and place into the Varoma dish.


Pour 1L water into the TM bowl. Set Varoma into position.


Steam cake for 45 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180°C.


When cake has finished steaming, transfer carefully to the oven and cook a further 10 minutes.


Cool completely on wire rack.


To make Glaze, place all ingredients into TM bowl and melt together 4 min/50°C/speed 1. Strain if desired. Pour over cooled cake. Allow to set. Serve with berries and whipped cream on the side.


Serve with extra fresh berries and cream.

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