Tenina.com's Christmas Brandy Butter

Photo of Christmas Brandy Butter



  1. Place cream into the TM bowl and whip with Butterfly/speed 4 until the fats solidify and the liquid seperates. Time will vary depending on the freshness of your cream.

  2. Remove Butterfly and press the simmering basket down on top of the butter without pushing too hard. Pour off the buttermilk and reserve for another use. (Keep refrigerated.)

  3. Cover the butter with iced water and gently churn to wash the butter, hitting the reverse button a few times, on and off while you mix speed 4. Drain well and squeeze the butter until you have gotten out most of the liquid. Return the butter to the TM bowl.

  4. Add all remaining ingredients and mix 5 sec/speed 5.

  5. Insert Butterfly again. Whip 20 sec/speed 4. You may find that because of the liquid from the brandy the butter is sort of slippery and a little wetter than usual. This is OK. Tip the butter out and roll and wrap in baking paper. Alternatively, press into small jars and garnish with a sprig of holly or other decoration of choice.


Serve with Stollen, Pancakes, Fruit Bread, Cinnamon Scrolls, Aunty Debbies Banana Bread, toast...the list is endless.

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