Coconut Cardamom Kisses


You know me, LOVE ice cream, particularly home made…and when there are about 4 ingredients…even better! (Well that’s if you don’t include the dipping ingredients.)

A little fiddly. I’ll be honest…but soooo cute! Impressive, if that’s what you’re after, and really, with a little patience, NOT that hard…just like I said, fiddly!

So a few tips;

  • Make the ice cream well in advance of dipping and make sure you have made the small balls and frozen them separately for at least 24 hours.
  • Use food handling gloves for easy rolling of the ice cream into balls.
  • Place each ball into a mini muffin tin…its amazing how much easier that makes it!
  • Do each colour separately and replace the un-dipped balls into the freezer between preparations!

Pictured are dark chocolate rolled in coconut, lime zest in white chocolate, frozen raspberry in white chocolate, plain dark chocolate. As you can see, to roll on top of dipping adds dimension. I would recommend only 1-2 per serving, but of course...everyone WILL want to try them all! Sorry, that's just how it is!

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Place all ingredients into Thermomix bowl and scald for 15 minutes at 80°C on speed 3. Allow mix to cool completely before removing cardamom pods and placing into ice cream churner. Follow manufacturer's instructions.


Of course if you have no ice cream churner...not a problem. Freeze mix in ice cube trays and then simply place cubes into your Thermomix and whiz up for around 30 seconds or so until thick and rich and creamy! Return to freezer and then continue with rolling and dipping if desired as directed.


To dip, use around 50g chocolate, or white chocolate and melt with 1 tsp of coconut oil until liquid...add flavours/colours as desired, toss ice cream balls through each batch individually (work fast) and return to freezer immediately. If you are rolling kisses into anything after coating, be doubly quick. (coconut, coloured sprinkles, crushed pistachios, etc etc)


Each 50g chocolate will coat approximately 4 walnut sized ice cream balls. The total recipe will yield around 30-40 balls...I confess I only did half the mix, we ate the rest drizzled with passionfruit is everything ice cream should be; the whitest, creamiest, fluffiest mouth taste ever.


Remember that the induction is possibly the easiest way to melt chocolate ever! You can leave the chocolate in a metal pan, on just Induction 1 and it will stay melted as long as you leave it there. SO EASY! Go on, give it a go!


Serve immediately or freeze until solid and form balls as required. Dip as desired and serve as finger food dessert.

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