Cranberry, Apple & Ginger Crush

Makes heaps Prep Time 5 minutes   Cook Time 5 minutes   Rated:

This is a great party recipe to have up your sleeve. It is really simple, and pretty easy to whip up in a hurry if you have pre-made the ginger syrup. Add whatever flavours you think will go...let your taste buds do the talking. You can easily double this recipe as well.

Ginger has varied medicinal properties, but is well known for its help with nausea and digestion issues. It is also helpful for relieving joint pain and improving general bone health. Using it as oil, rather than infusing ginger root just makes the whole process quicker and simpler. NO fuss!

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  • 1.5 Cups water
  • 200 Grams sugar
  • 5 Drops doTERRA Oils ginger BUY
  • 2 x 750 ml bottles apple cider
  • 1 Litre cranberry juice
  • 75o Milliliters white wine or more to taste
  • mint leaves and berries to garnish
  • ice to serve



Place water and sugar into a small saucepan and heat on a medium heat until it forms a syrup. Add the ginger oil and cool the syrup completely.


When ready to serve, combine ginger syrup with all ingredients in a large punch bowl or dispenser.


Serve garnished with berries, mint leaves, sliced citrus or whatever you love the most!

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