Tenina.com's Brew Choc Cherry Fruit ‘Toast'



  1. Place yeast, 20g honey and water into Thermomix bowl and warm 2 min/37º/speed 2.

  2. Add remaining ingredients except cherries and blend 10 sec/speed 6.

  3. Knead 2 min/Interval.

  4. Add cherries and knead further 1 min/Interval.

  5. Turn out onto floured bread mat and roll into tight ball. Wrap and prove. (Do I need to mention the Kleenmaid warming drawer, or is it just getting annoying??)

  6. Cut the dough in half using your spatula and roll into two small loaf shapes. Place side by side in loaf tin. Return to warming drawer or cover and keep in draft free place.

  7. Preheat oven to bread baking setting 220ºC.

  8. When loaf has risen to top of the tin, place into the oven and reduce heat to 200ºC. Cook 15 minutes until golden and sounding hollow. Brush with melted butter immediately.


Try not to eat it all whilst warm and fragrant….save some for fruit toast…and slather both with more butter and raw honey to taste. Ahhh-mazing!

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