Criobru And Heilala Vanilla Milk Shake

Serves 4
by Tenina Holder

I love getting little foodie pressies in the mail and recently Heilala Vanilla sent me a huge bottle of their wonderful Vanilla Bean Syrup to try out. AMAZING! Such a 'whack it in your face' hit of vanilla sweetness that I found myself overdosing the first few times I used it. I have it down to a fine art now, all good. I am totally LOVING it in my normal everyday morning CrioBru as a sweetener. Just a drop mind...As it happens we have a Milkshake maker to give away as well…so what is the best combo for milkshakes that I could come up with?

Well, it had to be a Crio Bru/Heilala marriage made in heaven…so get organised and get shaking! (For details on the competition to win both a bottle of Heilala Vanilla Bean Syrup and the Breville Milkshake Maker, head on over to Facebook and get clicking!)

OH, AND, Hoppy Easter…hopping to get another recipe up here, but not eggsactly got lots of time…so don’t hold your breath…just eat chocolate.

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Place all ingredients into TM bowl and brew 10 min/90ºC/speed 2. Cool in TM bowl and then strain to remove solids. (Reserve solids for another use, put onto your garden; veggies love it, or use as a body scrub, use in brownies, as an ice cream addition, or freeze into ice cube trays for later use in smoothies, ragus, chillies etc).


Cool concentrate completely before making shake.


To make shake, drizzle a little vanilla syrup around a glass and place a scoop of ice cream in glass as well.


Place milk, and Crio Bru concentrate into milkshake maker and/or Thermo and froth until well blended. Pour over ice cream and vanilla syrup.


Top with a little drizzle of the Crio Bru Concentrate just to tone down the sweetness. THE most gourmet milkshake around…What was your fave milkshake flavour as a kid?? (Mine was actually spearmint…the bright green kind!!)

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