Tenina.com's Easy Chocolate Ice Cream



  1. Place chocolate into TM bowl and melt 10 min/37°C/speed 1. Stop and scrape down sides of bowl half way through if necessary.

  2. Add condensed milk and vanilla and blend 20 sec/speed 6. Scrape down sides of bowl and repeat. Remove mixture from bowl and set aside.

  3. Without cleaning TM bowl, add cream and whip 15-30 sec/Butterfly/speed 4 or just until holding soft peaks.

  4. Remove Butterfly and return chocolate mixture to TM bowl. Blend 3 sec/Interval or dough setting.

  5. Fold any remaining mixture or cream that is not incorporated using a silicone spatula.

  6. Pour into container of choice and freeze for at least 4 hours or until solid.

  7. Remove from freezer and place into the fridge, 10 minutes prior to serving.

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