Tenina.com's Easy Homemade Pasta



  1. Place all ingredients into Thermomix bowl and mix 10 sec/speed 6.

  2. Knead 2 min/Interval. Tip out onto floured Silpat mat, knead into a tight ball and wrap. Allow to rest 10 minutes, longer if you have the time.

  3. Divide pasta into 4 pieces and roll out each piece using a pasta roller if available, laminating several times until you are happy with the thickness. (We all know thin is in!!)

  4. Cut into shapes desired and cook a few at a time in plenty of salted water that is on a rolling boil.


Serve immediately with topping, sauce of choice, simply drizzle with EVOO, pinch of salt and maybe freshly grated Parmesan…or great butter, snipped parsley and lemon juice…or a little garlic, plenty of EVOO and Parmesan…and chilli…oh the list is endless…no need for a big production.

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