Whole Egg Mayonnaise

Makes 250-300ml jar Prep Time 5 minutes   Rated:


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Place garlic into Thermomix bowl and chop 1 sec/speed 7.


Add whole egg, mustard, vinegar and seasoning and set timer for 4 min/37°C/speed 4.


When there is 3 minutes left on timer, hold MC in place with your hand, (to prevent it floating) while you pour the oil onto the lid. A rough guesstimate is around 250g oil, 300g for a thick mayo.


Remove the lid, scrape around the blades and add more oil (onto the lid with blade on speed 4 again) for a thicker mayonnaise. Mayo will also thicken further once cooled.


Remove most of the mayo from bowl and get ready to make coleslaw!


Mayonnaise will last for around 3 weeks if kept in a sterilised jar in the fridge. However...we think you will be needing to make another batch way before that.


IMPORTANT: Using the wrong kind of oil will equal bitter mayo. Please make sure to use a flavourless oil for scrummy results, such as an extra light/mellow/mild olive oil. Enjoy! You will never buy mayo again! :)

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