Tenina.com's English Muffin French Toast



  1. Premake the English Muffins well in advance. We freeze ours in between making batches and they keep really well.

  2. Place the eggs, milk, salt and vanilla into a shallow bowl big enough to fit a few muffins onto the base. Whisk together with a balloon whisk until combined, but not fluffy.

  3. I ended up piercing the muffins around the outside edges with a paring knife to allow more soakage! So do that, then immerse a few muffins at a time in the egg mixture.

  4. Preheat a shallow frying pan to a medium high heat.

  5. When muffins are well soaked, melt a generous knob of butter in the frying pan and cook the 'French toast' until golden brown on both sides. You don't want any raw egg in the centre.

  6. Serve hot, spread with more butter, dusted with a generous amount of icing sugar and garnished with berries. Hard to have just one, so be prepared for that!

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