Tenina.com's Fire Up the Banana’s Crispy!



  1. Brush melted butter on and between first 2 sheets of filo.

  2. Keep other filo damp by covering with a moistened clean tea towel.

  3. Cut a peeled banana in half and make a 'hot dog' (see above pic) with the mars bar and banana posing as bread bun and hot dog!

  4. Wrap in filo and brush with more butter as needed.

  5. Place in foil tray.

  6. Repeat until all servings have been made.

  7. Place tray on top basket of turned off Cross Fire BBQ.

  8. Close lid and leave until browned and 'crispy'!

  9. SAUCE:

  10. On Induction 4 in heavy based pan, heat butter and sugar until sugar has dissolved and it starts to resemble a sauce.

  11. Turn heat up to 6, add cream.

  12. Bring to boil on 10.

  13. Add rum to taste.


Serve immediately over Crispy Bananas and add whipped cream or ice-cream to taste.

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