Tenina.com's Gingernut and Roasted Almond Chocolate Bars



  1. Slow roast the almonds by placing them onto a baking paper lined tray and into a cold oven set to 160°C. Roast for 30-35 minutes or until fragrant and crunchy. Sprinkle them with a little bit of salt whilst they are still hot. Cool completely before adding into the chocolate.

  2. Place chocolate and cacao butter into TM bowl and chop 5sec/speed 8. Scrape down sides of bowl.

  3. Melt 30 min/37°C/speed 1. Check part way through that the chocolate on the sides of the bowl is well incorporated.

  4. Add ginger oil and stir 10 sec/speed 3.

  5. While the chocolate is melting, make sure you give your chocolate moulds a good polish with a cotton wool ball or strong paper towel.

  6. Pour some chocolate into each mould and tap gently on the bench to level and to get chocolate into the corners of each mould. Break up the cookies and place pieces into the chocolate. Push a few almonds in around the cookies. Overfill rather than under fill. It looks better.

  7. Drizzle the remaining chocolate over the top of the cookies and almonds to anchor them into the bars. Again tap the moulds firmly on the bench to level. Place into the fridge until set.

  8. If you are using the chocolate moulds from my store the chocolate will just drop out as you tip the mould over.

  9. If you are gifting these, you need to use silicone or disposable gloves to handle the chocolate so as to prevent fingerprints from spoiling the glossy finish.

  10. Wrap and/or enjoy!

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