Ice Cream Sandwiches

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This is not really so much a recipe as yet another serving suggestion for those of you who are making your way through The Whole Scoop ice cream course.

We played around with cookies that don't freeze rock hard (no broken teeth on my watch we hope!) and just a few little hints and tips of how to get them looking even. Then there is the option to dip half into Simple Ice Magic and add a few sprinkles of course. Ultra cute and very kid friendly.

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  • Batches cookies of choice
  • Batches ice cream of choice, frozen in a flat tray
  • Simple Ice Magic to dip (optional) Recipe
  • chopped nuts or sprinkles of choice



Pre make your cookies well in advance. See options below. We suggest round cookies, but rectangles work really well too. Freeze them.


Pre-make your ice cream of choice and freeze it in a flat tray after churning, the depth depends on you, but we suggest no thicker than 5cm deep.


Cut rounds out of the ice cream using a scone or cookie cutter. Make sure the circumference matches the size of your cookies. Return these cut rounds to the freezer on a lined tray.


Prepare the ice magic if you are using and be ready with all sprinkles, nuts etc.


Sandwich the ice cream between two cookies and dip half into the ice magic returning them to the lined tray. Sprinkle anything you like on top of the chocolate using a small spoon. Work quickly as this will set quite fast.


Place into the freezer for a few minutes before serving.

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