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  1. Choux pastry;

  2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

  3. Place milk, water, salt, sugar and butter in TM bowl and cook 10 min/100°C/speed 2.

  4. Add the flour and mix 30 sec/speed 4. Allow to cool for around 10 minutes.

  5. Once cool, add eggs to the mix by dropping one egg at a time onto rotating blades 30-40 sec/speed 5.

  6. Spoon mixture into piping bag with large nozzle and pipe into rounds (or eclairs) on a baking paper lined tray.

  7. Place into oven and cook for approx 20-25 minutes.

  8. Leave to cool in oven. When cool, pierce with another pastry nozzle and fill with pastry creme.

  9. Chocolate Pastry Creme;

  10. Place sugar and chocolate in TM bowl and mill 20 sec/speed 9. Scrape down sides of bowl.

  11. Add remaining ingredients except butter and cook 10 min/90°C/speed 4. Add butter and blend 10 sec/speed 6.

  12. Pour into ceramic bowl and cover with plastic wrap, pushing the wrap down onto the top of the custard.

  13. Cool completely in fridge.

  14. Spoon into piping back with sharp tipped nozzle and use to fill profiteroles.

  15. Assembly;

  16. Melt additional white chocolate and some cream either in TM bowl 37°C/5-7 min/speed 1 or in Microwave on high for 2 minutes, then stir until melted.

  17. Use as ‘glue’ to stick profiteroles together onto a plate in a little tower…(or a big one).

  18. Add strawberries as shown.


EAT IMMEDIATELY because if the kids beat you, there will not be one to even taste!! (And they taste so much better fresh…and how else are you going to work on that roll? That profiteroll???)

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