Killer Vanilla Ice Cream

Serve 10 Prep Time 2 hours   Rated:


This recipe is very special. (If I say so myself.) I love it. The method is brilliant. (Again, if I say so myself!!) It makes the most elegant scoop of ice-cream straight from the freezer and I LOVE it. The recipe appears in my cookbook, Cooking with Tenina; More Great Recipes for the Thermomix, which book you NEED...I mean really, it is full of great recipes like this one. I am using the idea or method for so many other things now, you will start to see it show up in all sorts of places. Especially the Insider Club...which I take it you are member of? NO? Get that sorted here straight away, the best value you can get as a Thermomix kidding.

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  • 200 Grams egg whites
  • 1 Teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 250 Grams golden caster sugar
  • 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Bean Paste BUY
  • 600 Milliliters pure or whipping cream



Place egg whites and cream of tartar into Thermomix bowl and whip 5 min/37°C/Butterfly/speed 3/MC off.


Add sugar a spoonful at a time through hole in lid as you whip 6 min/50°C/Butterfly/speed 3/MC off.


Whip 20 min/Butterfly/speed 3/MC off.


Place Thermomix bowl into the fridge, with the Butterfly still in place. When the bowl is completely cold, place back into the machine and add vanilla and cream. Whip 20-40 sec/Butterfly/speed 3 or until soft peaks form.


Pour into insulated containers for freezing and place into the freezer for several hours.


This ice cream has the most beautiful texture straight from the freezer. If it separates into 2 layers that is because your freezer is not cold enough or your container is not insulated.

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