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My lovely sister in law Cati brought me a whole box of beautiful lemons the other day...LOVE lemons, they rate highly on my list for sweet and savory recipes and there isn't a week when I don't use a lemon in my cooking. But sometimes I have to pay for the darn things! OUCH! Anyway, thought I would give you a great top ten list of my fave lemon recipes.

Number ONE; Lemon Chess Pie This is the most delightful citrus tart ever, and does not need to be limited to lemons. I have made it many times with limes, so go with the flow...and Chess it up a bit this weekend!

Number TWO; Citrus Chilli Dressing. This is a wonderful salad dressing for any salad, but particularly tasty with the Chicken salad in the link. It is beautiful with steamed pork loin (or grilled for that matter) and can always be relied on for a bit of a sensation at a dinner party.

Number THREE; Citrus Sour Cream Pound Cake. Bit flashy this one! You will love the lemon dessert syrup to accompany more than just this cake. Particularly wonderful when warm, fragrant and classy...go buy that bundt pan right now if you don't have one...go on, what are you waiting for?

Number FOUR; Spring Vegies with Feta Marinated Feta is such an easy 'tizzy up' for beautiful fresh steamed veggies, that I have served this at a dinner party to great acclaim. The recipe will also serve as a salad dressing, a nice addition to an antipasto platter and it looks so pretty that you may start bottling it and giving it away!

Number FIVE; Steamed Lemon Dumplings. Now if you are cold, looking for a carb overload, or just want something homey and like Nanna used to make, here it is! These are SO easy it is sinful, cheap to make and so delicious that they will become a family favorite in no time!

Number SIX; Seafood Eatfood What plate of fresh seafood is complete without a wedge of lemon...plus an amazing dressing containing lemon. Knock yourself out, you will NEVER eat seafood again, without reminiscing about the day you ate this!

Number SEVEN; Lemon Meringue Pie No list of Lemon recipes would be complete without a Lemon Meringue Pie included...so here it is. Melt in the mouth!

Number EIGHT; No Stir Risotto This is my famous no-stir risotto recipe, that has heaps of lemon juice and zest in it...and for all you Thermophiles out there, I am in the process of adapting this for the Thermomix, so sit tight and I will keep you posted!

Number NINE; Gremolata This is quite possibly my favorite flavor burst to add to almost any savory dish...well I did say 'almost'! Try it with all types of meat, grilled, roasted or fried, as a sprinkle on a rice or pasta dish or in a general way, whenever you need extra flavor or color to spruce something up.

NOW, last but certainly not least...where is the lemon butter recipe I hear you scream! I think Lemon butter is an all time favorite in my family and since the arrival of the Thermomix in our house, we have been on Lemon Butter overload! My recipe works well in the Thermomix, but can be done on the Induction as well...and was developed for Induction originally. If using the Thermomix, simply put all ingredients into the bowl, use the butterfly attachment and cook on 80 for around 7 or 8 minutes.

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Melt half the butter on Induction 5.


Add sugar and slowly stir until grainy-ness has gone.


Add juice and zest, then salt.


Add eggs and stir until blended, mix must not be too hot or eggs will cook and leave stringy bits...UGH!


As mix thickens, bring to the boil on Induction 7 or 8, stirring constantly.


Add remaining butter and when melted remove from heat, strain if necessary and chill.




Throw all ingredients in the Thermomix bowl, turn heat to 70, speed to 4 (with butterfly) and cook for 8-12 minutes...cool and enjoy, (and enjoy and enjoy!)


I fold cooled lemon butter through whipped cream and fresh sponge cake cubes for an awesome, but easy dessert.

Try using it in individual pastry cases for a quick morning tea. Decorate with a beautiful fresh berry and dust with icing sugar for some oohs and ahhs. I use my sour cream pastry which is almost like a shortcrust biscuit, gosh get me off here...I'm going to go make some!

Or add more lemon juice by hand and drizzle the sauce over ice-cream, or over any fruit dessert to add a nice tang.

Or try your own lemon danish'sss (what is the plural for 'Danish'...danes?) with again some frozen or fresh berries, a dollop of lemon butter in the centre of a butter puff pastry square, brush with egg and bake in a hot oven. What a great way to start any day!

Hope these lemony ideas inspire you...I think I am just getting started...now where's my zester?

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