Tenina.com's Lemon Harvest Top Ten



  1. Melt half the butter on Induction 5.

  2. Add sugar and slowly stir until grainy-ness has gone.

  3. Add juice and zest, then salt.

  4. Add eggs and stir until blended, mix must not be too hot or eggs will cook and leave stringy bits...UGH!

  5. As mix thickens, bring to the boil on Induction 7 or 8, stirring constantly.

  6. Add remaining butter and when melted remove from heat, strain if necessary and chill.

  7. OR;

  8. Throw all ingredients in the Thermomix bowl, turn heat to 70, speed to 4 (with butterfly) and cook for 8-12 minutes...cool and enjoy, (and enjoy and enjoy!)


I fold cooled lemon butter through whipped cream and fresh sponge cake cubes for an awesome, but easy dessert.

Try using it in individual pastry cases for a quick morning tea. Decorate with a beautiful fresh berry and dust with icing sugar for some oohs and ahhs. I use my sour cream pastry which is almost like a shortcrust biscuit, gosh get me off here...I'm going to go make some!

Or add more lemon juice by hand and drizzle the sauce over ice-cream, or over any fruit dessert to add a nice tang.

Or try your own lemon danish'sss (what is the plural for 'Danish'...danes?) with again some frozen or fresh berries, a dollop of lemon butter in the centre of a butter puff pastry square, brush with egg and bake in a hot oven. What a great way to start any day!

Hope these lemony ideas inspire you...I think I am just getting started...now where's my zester?

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