Tenina.com's Lemon Pash 'N' Mango Crepe Torte



  1. Make Passionfruit Lemon Curd ahead and make sure it is completely cold before proceeding.

  2. Make Basic Crepe Batter, adding 1 tsp vanilla bean paste to the mixture. Cook entire mixture in a buttered frypan, in as many thin crepes as possible. Make sure the crepe size will snugly fit your springform tin of choice.

  3. Line the base of the springform tin with baking paper and set aside.

  4. Cool crepes and prepare mango.

  5. Assemble torte by spreading Passionfruit Lemon Curd on a crepe and placing into prepared tin and repeating until all crepes are used. Approximately every third crepe include a layer of sliced mango.

  6. Top with a crepe without curd and place a piece of baking paper on top. Put a plate onto the paper and weight it down with something heavy. Leave in refrigerator for several hours.

  7. To finish, place cream, sugar and remaining vanilla bean paste into TM bowl and whip 20-30 sec/Butterfly/speed 4 or until soft peaks form.

  8. Unmould the torte and place onto a serving platter.

  9. Spread the top with cream, garnish with sliced mango and passionfruit pulp. Serve immediately.


You need a springform tin that is slightly smaller than the size of the pan you use to cook the crepes. Smaller is better on this occasion as you will get a higher more impressive torte if the circumference is smaller.

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