Pink Peppermint Triple Layer Mud Cake

Serves 12-14 Prep Time 20 minutes   Cook Time 30 minutes   Rated:

A pretty and elegant cake to serve as centrepiece on your Christmas table. (You could leave out the candy canes and serve it any time of year, but just saying...we did this for Christmas!) I think you will love this recipe if you are a cake baker...and so will everyone who eats it!

The Assembly and Frosting instructions can be found HERE.


1. Make one layer at a time. For each cake layer, you must use the colour chocolate of the layer as required. You can easily replace the gold layer with a white chocolate layer if desired.

2. Preheat oven to 160°C and grease and line a 18-19cm tin.

3. Wrap a paper towel around the tin to find the circumference. (It doesn’t have to be exact). Wet the paper towel and wring out the excess water.

4. Unfurl the paper towel and fold lengthwise to about 5cm.

5. Roll a sheet of tin foil so that it’s about 5cm longer than the paper towel. Place the paper towel on the tin foil sheet and wrap. This will hold in the moisture of the paper towel in during baking.

6. Place your pan sideways, wrap the tin foil around it, crimp the edge a few times so that it holds in place. Fold the edge underneath so that it’s in place and won’t slip off. Set aside.

This recipe is a little tricky and not for the beginner by any means. BUT follow the instructions and get the right ingredients and you can do problem!

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Place butter into the Thermomix bowl and melt 2 min/50°C/speed 2.


Add chocolate of choice, sugar and water and combine 2 min/100°C/speed 2. Add time if needed to finish melting. Let this mixture cool for at least 15 minutes before continuing.


Add egg to the Thermomix bowl and combine 5 sec/speed 6.


For the ruby layer, add food colouring now and combine 5 sec/speed 6.


Add flours and if making the dark layer, the cocoa. Combine 5 sec/speed 6.


Scrape the batter into prepared tin. Bake 50 minutes. Let cool in the tin for 30 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack.


Repeat as directed for each colour and cool completely, even freeze before assembly and frosting.

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