Pistachio Praline Crumb

Makes 150g Prep Time 2 minutes   Cook Time 10 minutes   Rated:


A quickie dessert tip and recipe. When in doubt, add praline crumb! You can use any nuts in this recipe, but we are a bit addicted to pistachios.

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Heat the sugar in a light coloured frying pan over a medium heat until it melts. This is quite a slow process, don't rush it.


Meanwhile place the nuts in a single layer across a silpat mat.


Once the sugar is clearly melted and golden, stir a little until the toffee turns a deep brown. Work quickly to scrape this onto the nuts. Sprinkle with salt flakes immediately. Allow to cooled completely.


Break into pieces and place into the Thermomix bowl. Chop for a few seconds to make your crumb. Store in an airtight container in the fridge indefinitely.


Use as a garnish on all desserts that need some crunch!

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