Tenina.com's Roast The Mediterranean

Photo of Roast The Mediterranean



  1. Prepare all vegetables by peeling, slicing and salting eggplant and zuchinni.

  2. Char grill capsicums in Microwave Grill on Grill function for about 10-15 minutes until skin is blackened.

  3. Place in plastic bag and cool until you are able to peel easily.

  4. Slice pumpkin and brush with olive oil.

  5. Rinse off eggplant and zuchinni and pat dry with paper towel.

  6. Fire up the Cross Fire. Allow it to reach 200 degrees celcius.

  7. Place all veggies except capsicum on grill plate and cook, turning as necessary.

  8. This will only take a few minutes each side.

  9. Meanwhile, prepare pesto dressing by adding lemon zest, juice and olive oil to Pesto to thin it to a runny consistency.

  10. Arrange rocket on serving platter, tear peeled capsicum into strips and place on top.

  11. Place other veggies on as well as feta.


Drizzle with dressing and serve immediately.

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