Tenina.com's Slow Roast Lamb with Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Photo of Slow Roast Lamb with Grilled Sweet Potatoes



  1. Place all ingredients into a casserole with a tight fitting lid and roast, covered for 2 hours at 160°C.

  2. Turn the meat, add more stock if required. Reduce temperature to 140°C and roast further 2 hours.

  3. Rest meat under foil for about 15 minutes. Pour pan juices over a dish of ice cubes to and strain immediately to remove ice. The fat will stick to the ice so you will just have the jus left. You must work quite quickly so the ice doesn’t melt.

  4. Return the juices to the roasting pan and reheat.

  5. Slice the meat on an angle and serve with the reduced juices, steamed greens and Grilled Sweet Potatoes.

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