Tenina.com's Sous Vide Herby Beetroot



  1. Place the water into the Thermomix bowl.

  2. Prepare the beetroot and place into a Stasher Bag or vacuum sealer bag with the other ingredients. Seal the bag, pressing out as much air as you can. At this point you can marinate the beetroot for up to 2 days or proceed as directed.

  3. Place into the Varoma dish and set Varoma into position. Cook 1 hour/Varoma/speed 4.

  4. Stop occasionally and press more air out of the bag if possible, being careful not to scald yourself on any hot liquid. Massage the ingredients into the beetroot.

  5. Check the beetroot are cooked with a fork. This may vary depending on the age of the beetroot and the size of the pieces you are cooking.

  6. Allow to come to room temperature in the bag before dressing with lemon zest, herbs and plenty of EVOO. These go very well with a cheese board of any description.

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