Tenina.com's Strawberry Vanilla Shrub

Photo of Strawberry Vanilla Shrub



  1. Clean and slice strawberries in half and place into a large jar or container with an airtight lid.

  2. Sprinkle sugar over and push down on the fruit a little with the handle of a wooden spoon.

  3. Split the vanilla beans lengthways and add to the jar. Leave the jar on the kitchen bench for a few hours. (Up to 5 hours)

  4. Pour vinegar over the top and allow to macerate for 48 hours, turning the jar as needed to help the sugar dissolve. Store in the fridge until use.

  5. To serve, pour cordial to taste into glasses (with or without the strawberries) and top with sparkling wine and ice if using. Garnish with fresh strawberries.

  6. This delicious adult cordial is great for kids as well. Just substitute the sparkling wine with a lemonade of choice.


The beautiful picture was taken by Dezire studios.

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