Tenina.com's Tobler One and Only Cheesecake

Photo of Tobler One and Only Cheesecake



  1. Make crust by mixing biscuits and butter in food processor.

  2. Press into spring form pan and bake on 165 degrees fan forced for10 minutes. Cool

  3. Beat cream cheese with sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time,then vanilla and cream and continue to whip until light and blended.

  4. Pour into pan.

  5. Melt Toblerone on Induction 1 until pourable.

  6. With a spoon, dollop even amounts on the top of the cheesecake,swirl through the cheesecake with a skewer for marbled effect.

  7. Process in steam oven for 70 minutes or until set in centre.

  8. Chill for several hours or overnight.


  10. Spray a sheet of baking paper with vegetable spray.

  11. Evenly spread the sugar and place in 160 degree on fan grill function.for around 8-10 minutes.

  12. Watch this closely as a 30 seconds can be the difference between pralineand a smoking burnt mess!!

  13. Leave toffee to cool and set hard. Meanwhile melt choc melts onInduction 1. When toffee is set, drizzle chocolate over it. Set in fridge.


Slice into wedges with a wet knife. Break praline into large pieces, and serve
with whipped cream and stick praline in large end of wedge.
Garnish with fresh strawberries.

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