Tenina.com's Yotam Ottolenghi's Cauliflower Cake



  1. Place parmesan into TM bowl and grate 10 sec/speed 9. Set aside.

  2. Fill TM bowl with water up to the 1L mark. Place the cauliflower florets into the Varoma dish, place Varoma into position and cook cauliflower 15 min/Varoma/speed 1.5.

  3. While cauliflower is cooking, preheat oven to 180ºC fan forced, and place rack in the middle of the oven.

  4. Grease and line the base and sides of a 24cm round cake tin with baking paper, then lightly grease the paper with melted butter. Toss seeds of choice around the inside of the tin so that they evenly coat the sides.

  5. Check cauliflower is cooked by pricking with a fork. If there is still some resistance, cook for a further 5 minutes - the cauliflower should be tender, but not disintegrating.

  6. Set the cauliflower aside in a large bowl to cool off then lightly rinse out the TM bowl.

  7. While cauliflower is cooling, cut four round 3mm thick slices from the top end of the red onion and set aside.

  8. Cut the remainder of the red onion in half and place into TM bowl. Add the oil and rosemary and chop 3 sec/speed 7. Scrape down sides of bowl and cook 10 min/100ºC/speed 1.

  9. Allow onion to cool a little in the TM bowl for 10 minutes.

  10. Add basil, flour, baking powder, turmeric, parmesan, eggs, salt and pepper to TM bowl and blend 10 sec/speed 6.

  11. Pour the filling mix over the cauliflower florets and lightly stir so that you don’t break up the florets.

  12. Pour the mix into the tin spreading it evenly, then top with the rings of sliced red onion.

  13. Bake for 45 minutes until golden brown and set (a knife inserted into centre should come out clean). Remove from oven and allow to rest for 20 minutes before serving.

  14. Serve with a fresh garden salad.


Delicious served hot or cold.

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