Tenina.com's Raw Caramel Coconut Bars

Photo of Raw Caramel Coconut Bars



  1. Line a square baking tray with removable base (if possible) and set aside.

  2. Place cinnamon, sugar and salt into TM bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 10.

  3. Add dates, nuts, coconut and coconut oil. Blend 20 sec/speed 7 or until a cookie dough consistency is formed.

  4. Press into prepared tin and refrigerate.

  5. Place all remaining ingredients except garnishing nuts into TM bowl and blend 20 sec/speed 7 or until a runny consistency is formed.

  6. Add nuts and incorporate 3 sec/speed 7. Sprinkle with a few additional flakes of pink salt.

  7. Spread over base and return to fridge until solid.

  8. Remove from tin before slicing into bars. Keep refrigerated.

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