Tenina.com's Cheesy Polenta Pie



  1. Place water and salt into Thermomix bowl and boil 8 min/100ºC/speed 3.

  2. Preheat oven to 200ºC.

  3. Add polenta and cook 10 min/100ºC/speed 4. Add taleggio and butter through hole in lid and blend 30 sec/speed 4.

  4. Pour or spread mixture into a buttered shallow pie dish. Crumble the gorgonzola over the top and bake 25 minutes until golden and bubbling. If you have a grill in your oven fire it up and brown the top for around 5-7 minutes at 250ºC.

  5. I served it with roasted red pepper strips, (homemade of course).


Serve hot or cold as a side dish. (But best hot and sizzling!)

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