Tenina.com's Chilli Jam…The Chillies Are In!



  1. Place garlic, ginger, galangal, chillies and lime leaves into Thermo bowl and mince together to form a paste. This may take a couple of turns on speed 7-8 with a scrape down in between.

  2. Add remaining ingredients and blend 1 min/speed 7.

  3. Tip all into a saucepan and cook on Induction 5 until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to Induction 6-7 to bring to a steady simmer. You will need to reduce the jam until it changes colour and becomes sticky.

  4. Meanwhile, sterlise a glass jar and keep it hot.

  5. Decant cooked jam into hot jar, seal and allow to cool.


Serve with any meats, to add heat to a salad dressing, as a side with Thai food…or straight out of the jar if you need a chilli hit!

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