Tenina.com's Fried Haloumi with Pea Puree and Pumpkin



  1. Premake the Pea Puree and keep warm while you prepare the rest.

  2. Warm the EVOO with the crushed garlic in a frying pan to a medium high heat, don't burn the garlic. Remove the garlic.

  3. Cook the pumpkin in the garlic oil, with a little salt and pepper until browning on all sides. Increase heat if needed. Squeeze the lemon juice over, cover and allow the steam to finish the cooking of the pumpkin. Set aside and clean the frying pan.

  4. Place a piece of baking paper into the frying pan to cover the base and heat again to a medium high heat. Place the cheese onto the paper and cook until golden brown, flipping the cheese as it cooks to get an even colour.

  5. When you are ready to serve, spread the puree across the plate, top with pumpkin, halloumi and a few peas. Add pine nuts and pistachios if using and garnish with a few thyme sprigs, add seasoning if you need to.

  6. Serve warm.

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