Tenina.com's Instant Chia Hot Cereal



  1. Place sugar, cinnamon stick and roasted vanilla bean into Thermomix bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 10. Tip into jar you will use to store cereal mix.

  2. Place buckwheat into Thermomix bowl and mill 3 sec/speed 6. Add to jar.

  3. Place almonds into Thermomix bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 5. Add to jar.

  4. Add chia seed, fruit and Brew Choc granules to jar and give it all a good stir.

  5. To prepare mix 3 tbsp mixture with approx 1/4 cup or 65-70g boiling water, stir and let stand for a few minutes. Stir and add toppings and milk of choice!

  6. YUM...

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