Tenina.com's Layered Chia Breakfast Bowl



  1. To make the Chia Pudding, pour milk into a medium sized bowl. Add chia seeds and stir well.

  2. Add vanilla, honey and cinnamon, and stir for a couple of minutes to make sure everything is mixed through.

  3. Allow the pudding to sit for about 5 minutes, so the chia seeds start the swelling process.

  4. Pour mixture evenly into three, 3/4–1C capacity jars, (each jar will end up with about 1/2C of the chia mixture once it has swollen and set). Allow jars to sit several hours or overnight in the fridge before topping with the fruit smoothie.

  5. To make the Fruit Smoothie, add all ingredients into TM bowl and blend 1 min/speed 7-8. Pour smoothie over the top of the set chia pudding.

  6. To serve, top with some granola and more berries take a photo, Instagram it, ha ha and then mix it all together and eat!

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