Tenina.com's Leafy Herb, Lemon and Chickpea Salad



  1. Rinse the quinoa really well and place into the simmering basket. Insert basket into TM bowl and pour steaming water over until you can just see it as you tip the bowl on an angle.

  2. Steam quinoa 20 min/100°C/speed 3.

  3. Meanwhile prepare the rest of the salad.

  4. Chop or tear all herbs roughly and place into large serving bowl or platter. Add spring onions.

  5. Cut the lemons into wedges and remove the flesh and dice. This is not easy unless you have a great knife. Also the lemons need to have a soft skin and plenty of juice. Add the diced lemons to the salad bowl.

  6. Add chickpeas and drained and slightly cooled quinoa. Drizzle the whole lot with the EVOO and sprinkle with chilli and salt flakes. Toss gently to combine.

  7. Garnish with slow roasted almonds. This salad will keep quite well for at least 24 hours, covered in the fridge.


I like to toast my almonds very quickly usually, but for them to stay crunchy in this salad it is good to slow roast them. Place them onto a tray in an oven set to 160°C and roast for 30 minutes. Cool before using.

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