Tenina.com's Peshwari Naan Bread



  1. Place the pistachios, sultanas and coconut into TM bowl and blend 15 sec/speed 8. Remove from bowl and set aside.

  2. Place milk, egg, oil, yoghurt and yeast into TM bowl and blend 3 sec/speed 7. Warm 2 min/37°C/speed 1.

  3. Add flour, baking powder, sugar and salt to TM bowl. Knead 3 min/Interval.

  4. Place dough into an oiled bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap to prove for up to 2 hours.

  5. Preheat pizza stone in a hot oven minimum 200°C, hotter if you can go there.

  6. When the dough has doubled, turn out onto a floured surface and knead by hand until smooth. Divide into 100g portions then tear each portion into halves.

  7. Roll out to approx 1/2 cm thick and form into a tear shape by hand. Place a spoonful of the peshwari mixture onto one half of the dough, fold over and roll flat to just seal using a rolling pin. Sprinkle with additional salt.

  8. Place onto the hot pizza stone for approximately 5 minutes, you don’t want brown, you want just starting to turn golden. You should not have to turn them over. They will be cooked on both sides.

  9. Serve piping hot with toppings or curry of choice. These will go well with savoury or as suggested, with plenty of melted butter and honey.

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