Tenina.com's Smash Hit Potatoes



  1. Prepare potatoes by peeling and cutting into long wedges. Place into Varoma dish.

  2. Add water to TM bowl and set Varoma into position. Cook 30 min/Varoma/speed 3.

  3. Meanwhile, preheat oven to as hot as it will go without the grill function, 220°C plus if possible.

  4. Line a large oven tray with baking paper.

  5. When potatoes are cooked (they should still be a little hard and hold their shape well), spread on baking paper and top with oil, dollops of fat of choice, a few thyme sprigs, garlic and salt. Squeeze lemon wedges over the potatoes and then add the wedges to the tray.

  6. Roast until potatoes just start to change colour. Remove from oven and, using the MC, push down on the potatoes, smashing them without fully mashing!

  7. Stir so they are well coated with all the flavours and roast until totally golden and crunchy.

  8. Serve drizzled with Salsa Verde and extra salt on the side, if desired.

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