Tenina.com's Chorizo Quesadillas



  1. Place coriander and oregano into Thermomix bowl and chop 3–4 sec/speed 7. Remove from bowl and set aside.

  2. Place cheeses into Thermomix bowl and grate 10 sec/speed 7. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.

  3. Place sausage, onion and garlic into Thermomix bowl and chop 5 sec/speed 6. Cook 5 min/Varoma/speed soft.

  4. Prepare remaining toppings and set aside.

  5. Lay out each tortilla and spread with Pumpkin Seed Salsa, grated cheeses, sausage mixture, herbs, and a little of each of the other toppings finishing with the feta and a small amount of grated cheese. Top with a second wrap.

  6. Meanwhile heat a large frypan on Induction 6 for around 6–7 minutes. The pan should not be smoking, but fully heated.

  7. Drizzle with a little olive oil and place the quesadilla into the pan, cover and cook for around 2–3 minutes, turn over carefully and repeat.

  8. Slice into quarters and serve with fresh lime wedges and additional coriander leaves.

  9. You could add a dish of sour cream, guacamole and fresh sliced red chillies to serve with if desired.

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