Tenina.com's Mexican Churros Chocolate Bark



  1. You will need a lined tray or flat plate for this recipe. Preferably using the breadmat I have in my store for a nice glossy finish.

  2. Cut the churros into pieces and place into the fridge. The amount you may use will vary depending on how good the churros are! They need to be very cinnamony and sugary.

  3. Place all remaining ingredients into the Thermomix bowl and blend 1 min/speed 10. Scrape down sides of bowl and lid.

  4. Melt 10 min/45°C/speed 1 stopping to scrape down sides of bowl occasionally.

  5. Place the churros onto the bread mat and the pour the chocolate over. Spread using an offset spatula. Bang the tin or tray vigorously on the bench to remove air bubbles and to level off the chocolate. Refrigerate for several hours. Snap into pieces and eat!

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